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What if living didn’t have to be so serious?  What if you could actually move beyond your problems with greater ease than you ever imagined? Throw your labels out the window, and join Marilyn Bradford and Pam Houghteling for practical tips and a very different way of approaching the changes you would like to in see your life.

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E4: Is Your Closet A Dark, Scary Place?

E3: Are you Ready to Pivot?

E2: Loyalty

E1: Irreverent Therapists Resurrected

E5: Eating Your Way To Nirvana

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When you talk to Pam, you know she hears you... every word... every energy... spoken and unspoken. She won't agree with you. She won't disagree with you. She will BE with you. Thank you Pam Houghteling for everything you contribute to me and to the world


Email me to inquire about sessions, classes or any other questions you may have.