What would you like to know? 

Learn more below about Pam and Access Consciousness®



What would you like to know? 

Learn more below about Access Consciousness®,
sessions and me.

My Story

Everything I do is about helping people create change - supporting them and empowering them to create beyond whatever is not working.

Years ago, I had a disabling back injury. That event, and the recovery from it, reshaped my life.

At age 23, I was told by doctors that the chronic pain and disability I was experiencing were “as good as it’s going to get.” My journey to find a way to live with that prognosis fueled my desire to help others through what can often seem like impossible obstacles and challenges. 

In my exploration of different modalities and experiences there are a few key ones -

  • Clinical Social Work – My first step into healing work, which I have enjoyed for more than 24 years.
  • The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education - I first used these tools to help heal my back injury then offered classes as a practitioner for over 11 years.
  • A Network Marketing business - I had always seen myself as a “healer” person, not a “business” person. Journeying into entrepreneurship introduced me to business systems and strategies, plus the idea of moving beyond personal limitations to grow your business. 
  • Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator - All of these modalities and experiences came together when I was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness® through a network marketing coach. I learned two simple tools that transformed my business.
  • Working with Access Consciousness – Co-lead of Access facilitator and practitioner programs for over 8000 facilitators in 176 countries.

Access Consciousness tools are the most potent and easy to use tools I have encountered.  They apply to any area of life and business.

Now I facilitate change for individuals and businesses using Access Consciousness tools, in combination with my experience, awareness, and expertise. My mission is to let people know that these tools exist, that they work, and they can be used to create and grow their business. 

Pam Houghteling is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Joy of Business® Certified Facilitator, Being You Certified Facilitator, Right Riches For You® Certified Facilitator, Access Facelift (TM) Facilitator, Access Body Process (TM) Facilitator and Symphony Advanced Practitioner.

About Access Consciousness®

My classes and sessions use the tools of Access Consciousness.

Access Consciousness is based on the idea that you're not wrong, that you know, that consciousness can shift anything, and that your choice is what creates your future.

Access Consciousness classes, including Access Bars®, are taught by over 8000 facilitators in 176 countries. 

Learn more at www.accessconsciousness.com


Email me to inquire about sessions, classes or any other questions you may have.