Meet Pam

Generosity, Warmth, Allowance, Space

Do you find that you tend to shy away from or avoid conflict?
This can show up in so many areas of our lives - family, business, money, ourselves.

What if there's something else possible?

Pam Houghteling is a business woman, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker currently living in the United States while working globally. Pam is also a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator, Being You Certified Facilitator and Symphony Advanced Practitioner.

Pam has an amazing ability with handling people in all kinds of situations to create beyond conflict, into possibilities. She has worked with individuals, groups and corporations to influence dynamic change.

The space and energy that you're willing to be as you engage with people, along with some simple, easy to use tools, can create possibilities instead of trying to solve things and going nowhere.

"What if you know more than you ever thought you did about what works for you and how to create what you'd like to create in the world? 

What if it's simpler and easier than you've been taught?"

- Pam  Houghteling