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Rules & Policies of Possibilities

It’s important to know the difference between controlling and compliance and how it actually works.

Shannon chats with Access Consciousness’s Pam Houghteling over how she helps licensed facilitators and educates them about the policies and guidelines of Access Consciousness.  

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Creating Abundance With Ease

Pam has an amazing ability with handling people in all kinds of situations to create beyond conflict, into possibilities. She has worked with individuals, groups and corporations to influence dynamic change. 

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Beyond Conflict

Typically with conflict we try to figure out who’s right, who’s wrong, or how to avoid it completely… does that ever really work? What if rather than fighting for your point of view to be heard, you had the tools to create something different?

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Tools

Wow! Pam and I surprised ourselves with how many of our favorite tools we didn’t even get to talk about during our first favorite tools show. So now we’re doing part two. How does it get any better than that??!! (By the way – that’s a great tool we didn’t get to talk about.)

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How to deal with mean people

How do we deal with mean people, and what does it actually mean to be mean? How many times have you struggled to deal with an interpersonal situation in your life? Are we really given the tools to deal with people and circumstances in a way that works? Or are we constantly in reaction so the problem escalates?

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When it's time to Leave

Have you ever stayed in a job for too long?  Hung onto a relationship way past the time it was fun and expansive?  Have you ever known you wanted to move but stayed in the same old house in the same old town even when it seemed to be draining energy from you? Knowing when to leave and actually taking the action to do so is difficult for most people.

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